The Two Best Debut Albums of 2013 So Far


2013 has already given us some top class new albums from renowned artists such as the Arctic Monkey’s and their fifth record ‘AM’ as well as dance legends Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’. Honourable mentions go to Foals, Queens of the Stone Age and Kanye West for delivering yet more exciting new music, though it is two new records which I will shine a light upon in this article.

Firstly, Drenge. Drenge, according to Wikipedia, are an English Blues-Rock band based in Castleton, Derbyshire. I’m gonna go ahead and say that description gives you no idea to what Drenge are about. The band’s self titled debut album does not give you a moments peace* from start to finish. Absolute ‘bangers’ in the form of ‘Bloodsports’, ‘Dogmeat’, ‘Face Like a Skull’ and ‘Backwaters’ are surrounded by a wall of noise you wouldn’t think possible from a pair of brothers.Image

YouTube comments range from Blur/Nirvarna comparisons to racial slurs aimed at others who chose to comment but I would suggest simply listening to them for yourself. If a crude or callous comparison had to made then it could be suggested that this band sound as though Morrissey had taken over from Kurt Cobain to front an indie-grunge hybrid.

Either way check out the new album and the music videos for which they have made almost one for each song.

Drenge- Drenge: 8.5


* Birmingham’s four piece certainly know their stuff and debut album ‘In Love’ blends sounds from across the indie spectrum. As ever with new rock bands, they have been compared to about every artist since the Beatles, but this time you can see why. It’s hard to put a finger on their sound with tunes such as the incredibly cool ‘Wraith’ clashing with the heavier ‘Follow Baby’ and anthemic ‘California Daze’. The album sounds instantly familiar but the track is original enough to warrant the hype they are attracting.

Peace- In Love: 9/10


P.S. They’re touring together this November!


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